Love & Death

Love & Death



A RoundGlass Experience

Join RoundGlass in an ongoing exploration of Love & Death; the two great themes of our life.

Love & Death is a both an intimate retreat and a large format conference with two unique offerings held in 2020.


“When we love acknowledging our vulnerability to death, we open ourselves to a new form of connection. Love with death in mind is rich, deep, and awakened. It is true love, and by that, I mean it is love based on the truth – that you do not ever really have anyone, that you can, and in fact will lose the people you love, and you don’t know when. Through this lens, gratitude, and passion with our partners, friends and family can flourish because love is free to be exactly what it is: transient, just like life.”

Dr. Jordana Jacobs


WE WILL Bring death out of the closet, become less consciously and unconsciously afraid of death, and learn to connect more deeply in loving relationships.




Angel Grant

Angel Grant is the Co-founder of Death Over Dinner and Drugs Over Dinner. She's been traveling the globe since 2004 teaching yoga and meditation practices and sharing talks on how to untangle ourselves from habituated patterns. She leads meditations focused on empathy, rewiring addictions, and peace with death and dying. Recent meditations have been held at Grace Cathedral, The NY Academy of Medicine, Peak Mind’s celebration with the Dalai Lama for his 80th birthday, The Conscious Dying Summit, Newport Academy, One Taste, Summit Series, and Kripalu.

Dr. Jordana Jacobs

Dr. Jordana Jacobs is a psychologist in private practice in New York City. Her approach is insight-oriented and integrative, combining psychodynamic and existential therapy into her treatment of patients. Dr. Jacobs’ training at Memorial Sloan Kettering working with terminally ill cancer patients, her studies in Northern India, and her Vipassana meditation practice inspired her research on the complex relationship between death awareness and love. Her dissertation, entitled “Till Death do us Part: The Effect of Mortality Salience on Satisfaction in Long-term Romantic Relationships” specifically explored the ways in which priming for death has the potential to increase intimacy in partnerships. In addition to seeing patients, Dr. Jacobs now gives talks and leads meditations aimed towards helping people accept inevitable mortality, so that they are able to live and love more fully.


Michael Hebb

For the past 20 years Michael Hebb has been working to understand the secrets of human connection. His projects have turned into international movements and impacted millions. His second book "Let's Talk About Death" was released by Hachette/Da Capo in the US, UK, Australia and India in October 2018, and is currently being translated in Chinese, Russian, Indonesian and Polish. Michael recently became a Partner at RoundGlass to further expand his efforts to impact global well being. Michael is the Founder of,, Women Teach Men and The Living Wake. He currently serves as a Board Advisor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts; and in the recent past as Senior Advisor to Summit Series, Theo Chocolate, CreativeLive, Architecture For Humanity, ONETASTE and Mosaic Voices Foundation. His writings have appeared in GQ, Food and Wine, and USA Today.